Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Life Is A Continuous Struggle

Life is a daily struggle. You need to be tough in order to survive. And I dare say, real tough. I still consider myself blessed and at the same time lucky. Why? Well, I used to work for and with the less fortunate members of our society in the far- flung areas in Mindanao for almost 6 years. Seeing their ways of life, I have learned to appreciate the little things that life has to offer. I’ve realized that I still am a very lucky individual: I have a roof over my head; got a chance to eat even more than thrice a day excluding in between meals; trendy clothings; and the other needs of a person for survival and development. Many of us are healthier, better housed, fed and educated but the gap between us who are more on the advantaged aspect of life and the people in the hinterlands continues to grow. Fewer resources seem to be available for the latter- and less concern. The people in the mountains are struggling for survival with barely anything to eat; they are illiterates. They take pride in the simple joys of life; they are simply contented of what they have.

My previous job was a very challenging and fulfilling task. With the Indigenous People’s (IPs) poverty, inculcating in them the value of education is not an easy responsibility. They need to break the transmission of poverty from one generation to another. And this can only be attained through the acquisition of the highest level of education possible. This is also to make the parents understand that the purpose of proper education is to combat the widespread belief that economically disadvantaged IP parents are not capable of providing the high quality of care, attention and learning experiences appropriate for their young children.

Having understood the ways of life in the mountains, I have learned to love the smallest pleasures from simple things instead of putting too much passion on the biggest dreams and priorities. I am just a simple girl with simple dreams. With my previous work, I had learned to value my family. I am also looking forward to having a family of my own. Raising your own kids the proper way is such a difficult but a stimulating task! Despite pressures and difficulties, the job can be overwhelmingly satisfying and amazingly productive, because the result of really competent mothering will be passed from generation to generation. Being a homemaker has been my lifetime dream. I want to be always there for my children- to give them the best love, care and attention for them to holistically develop.

Indeed, life is a continuous struggle and I haven’t stopped learning from it. I know I still have a helluva lot of things to learn and day by day, I continue to become the person that life has taught me... stronger, hopeful and grateful.
It is true that "life isn’t about searching for the things that can be found; it is about letting the unexpected happen and finding things you never searched for!".

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