Saturday, April 16, 2011


It’s funny to think how a mere basketball game could immensely affect one’s emotion. True, I love watching basketball games especially so when my fave team is on the run. You just don’t know how happy I am when my team wins. It’s like you wanna throw out a real big party. And how heart breaking it is when they lose. I always see to it that I keep myself updated with my own favorite team -- their standing, schedule of games, stats, etc. I admit that it’s the only show I prefer to watch if you would let me choose one though I am also trying to enjoy watching other shows apart from watching basketball. Right! You could say I am a fanatic, a proud Ginebra fan at that, hehe.

I still could recall, I was in college when I have erratic heartbeats whenever I watch their games without a single miss, huh! You could attribute it to my having a big admiration to their once-small-forward player Vince Hizon, who is now happily married, poor me, hehe! Well, the feeling’s long gone as well as the man. He’s no longer part of my all-time favorite team but still, I am one of the million Ginebra-fans who keeps cheering and egging them on to always keep that NEVER-SAY-DIE SPIRIT.

New players came and continued to live up to the fans’ expectations. The ball is round. They could win the championship or they could not. But still, I am hoping they have the win every game because it’s one of the things that make me happy. Yeah, “ang babaw ko”, you might think that. I won’t mind, it’s a good feeling to be true to one’s own self…

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tete-a-Tete with MamaLira

There were several occasions in the past when I wrote I am down and sick, et cetera, et cetera. I hate to hit the publish button and tell the world I am at it again. sigh! Did I just say it? LOL! 

It is a little hard to keep myself  healthy and it is so when I push myself too hard. Doing things which were extremely way out of my comfort zone had zapped me off of all my zest and energy. It slowly took its toll on me.

I hate being sick. But looking at how I did things a couple of months back, I was just like:

"Hey, I was able to make it?!!!"
With all that being said, there's one thing that I so look forward to despite the heavy work schedule. Blogpal Mama Lira of Tasteful Voyage was to set foot again in no less than her own hometown where she was born and bred. Incidentally, I came from the same place too... :-) Isn't that more than a coincidence and wonderful?

Being blogpals, we shared a lot of things in common especially in doing moolah out of our respective blogs, hehe. With her short stint in the Philippines, I was a little doubtful if she could ever share a little of her time with me. Understandably, ten (10) days with family and relatives is never sufficient.

I was happy to admit I was wrong. Mama Lira took the time and the effort (despite the heavy rains) to meet me along with a newbie blogger with excellent writing skills, Gemma Massey, who blogs from Living the Beautiful LifeGemma was a high school classmate and a college school mate (we both came from the same university but enrolled in different majors- she took up AB English while I majored in Political Science). Both Gemma and Mama Lira got acquainted at Facebook before they've even met. See how powerful social networking sites can be?

Mama Lira, Gemma, & Yours Truly
Prior to meeting Mama Lira, I've mentioned to Windy how giddy I was with the sheer anticipation of seeing her in the flesh. When the day finally took place, I made a phone call to Windy and informed him I was with Lira and then handed over the phone to her. Lira is junior to me by five years or more and Windy had this quick repartee...
"OMG! Why did she ever called herself Mama Lira?"
You'll get to understand it, Windy IF you get to be a mother one day, hahahaha!

You must be dead curious what were the topics discussed in our very short tete-a-tete . Well, your guess is as good as mine ;-)

Mama Lira is a very simple lady. What she is at the blog is a persona of a genuine personality- no pretensions, not superficial. I am aware that the limited time spent with her is not enough to build such a strong bonding but she has created that strong impression and impact on me.

Building rapport and camaraderie at the blogs is so imaginary and often unreal. But when one gets to meet and to talk with the other person,  face to face, it makes online relationships hit a natural realism and enhances the relationship.

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A Glorious and Blessed Day!

The past week was very exhausting but very remarkable. I had to get up at 4AM for our week-long devotional prayers at Church. I need to be there before 5:30AM (You can tell the difference because I have never done this when I was too busy for the Automated Elections). This is in preparation for the ordination of ministers which is history in the making for our Church.This is happening in Mindanao for the first time. Ordination is a sacred event which normally takes place at the Central Temple in Metro Manila. Our locale is very blessed to have been chosen as the venue. So you could just imagine the preparations the brethren did for this glorious event in sheer anticipation of meeting the Church's Executive Minister.

Indeed, the ordination itself (May 29) was a day filled with excitement. As early as May 28, the brethren from different parts of Mindanao began to flock in the Church's vicinity. Security was tight. The human barricade could hardly control the flocking crowd.

In its entirety, the event was a blessed one. Never in my wildest dreams have I thought I can be given a chance to be part of such a glorious event.

Praise be unto God!

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Skin Problems May Need Special Care

What would you say to a person who asks you what is the best acne treatment? If you have not already asked your own self this same question, you can count on being queried by your own children some day.

There are countless medications that boasts of immediate cure results. This makes it really difficult to know which really works. Besides, skin treatment is not a simple matter.

There are skin specialists for acute skin problems. Generally a General Practitioner is qualified to advise what treatment is needed.

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The Trials Of The Teenage Years

It is usual for most teenagers to turn to their peers when they need to know how to treat acne. It is understandable why they turn to their peers.

Most elders in the family are too busy with their lives and the younger members are left pretty much to themselves as they learn to cope with issues during their teenage.

Being the only daughter in the family, I am fortunate that my Mom always had time for me and she has always been there when I needed to find out solutions.

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We Should Never Take Things For Granted

Most of us take things for granted. Whether this is a result of being careless or having an attitude that it is time not well spent thinking too far ahead. It is a quiet acceptance that life is going to be like that and it will not suddenly change with a whole load of wonderful surprises.

It also goes for the vitamins that our body constantly needs. We take it for granted that the food we eat daily is sufficient for our health requirements.

However, I have seen children here who display that they lack the amount of vitamins for their proper growth. Awareness of such simple though highly important issues must be constantly driven home by Health Authorities, Schools and the Media.

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Belated Birthday Greetings for My Brother

The month of May is filled with celebrations for my family. My mother and the youngest brother both celebrated their respective birthdays in May. To add to the list, Mummy C recently celebrated her natal day.

We had a special celebration at home for Mark. He is the youngest sibling of three and does the vocals for the band,  Kuerdas. I would usually take the day-off at work just to prepare stuffs at home whenever a member of the family celebrates their respective birthday. However, my brother's celebration was very different as I did not plan something big for him because of my busy work schedule. Everything went impromptu. I only ordered some foods and I cooked the pasta myself. It was just a simple celebration.

I need to mention how naughty my brother was. A month prior to celebrating his birthday, he informed his friends it was his big day. His close friends then made their attendance at home on April 26 believing it really was his birthday. They all laughed at themselves to know that they were tricked by my brother, LOL!

It may come late as it is, but still, I want to wish my brother the best things in life. As he blew the candles on his cake and wished for himself, I too wished that he may find true happiness, peace and contentment as he traverses on his life-long journey. May his wishes come true. May God bless him with good health, serenity and may he continue to actively glorify the Lord according to His precepts.

Belated Happy Birthday, Mark! 

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skin Health And Condition Needs Attention Too

More especially for us who live in the humid equatorial and tropical region, we have to contend to our skins being sweaty and oily because of the temperatures.

Then add to it that the air around us is never getting less but more contaminated, it makes atmospheric conditions the best for certain skin problems.

What do we when we need blackhead treatment. This makes our skin look tarnished and is a reflection of poor personal skin care.

It is a good routine of being careful about our skin condition that will help in many ways.

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The Dreaded Acne Problem For Women

Oh! the dreadful acne that all girls and women wish it would never happen to them. The problem with acne is that it will happen at the worst possible time and there the need to endure that embarrassing self-conscious moments in front of others.

Some have very sensitive skin that does not take kindly to chemical based acne treatment. I know this for a fact as I have seen others whose acne went out of control after they applied such treatment.

Fortunately, for those who have very sensitive skin there is an alternative. They can avail of natural acne treatment. This would not exacerbate their acne condition.

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The Extras That I Need To Stay Healthy

Despite all the attention that I have been giving to my health condition, I keep hearing about the need that I should take supplements to enhance.

It is said that as our body ages, we need to provide our body with that needed extra to keep ourselves fit and strong. The problem is that there are so many supplements and a vast range of products. Which one should I choose?

I guess I will need to first get sound advice from my medical Doctor before I start to buy supplements.

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