Saturday, May 29, 2010

Belated Birthday Greetings for My Brother

The month of May is filled with celebrations for my family. My mother and the youngest brother both celebrated their respective birthdays in May. To add to the list, Mummy C recently celebrated her natal day.

We had a special celebration at home for Mark. He is the youngest sibling of three and does the vocals for the band,  Kuerdas. I would usually take the day-off at work just to prepare stuffs at home whenever a member of the family celebrates their respective birthday. However, my brother's celebration was very different as I did not plan something big for him because of my busy work schedule. Everything went impromptu. I only ordered some foods and I cooked the pasta myself. It was just a simple celebration.

I need to mention how naughty my brother was. A month prior to celebrating his birthday, he informed his friends it was his big day. His close friends then made their attendance at home on April 26 believing it really was his birthday. They all laughed at themselves to know that they were tricked by my brother, LOL!

It may come late as it is, but still, I want to wish my brother the best things in life. As he blew the candles on his cake and wished for himself, I too wished that he may find true happiness, peace and contentment as he traverses on his life-long journey. May his wishes come true. May God bless him with good health, serenity and may he continue to actively glorify the Lord according to His precepts.

Belated Happy Birthday, Mark! 

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