Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Glorious and Blessed Day!

The past week was very exhausting but very remarkable. I had to get up at 4AM for our week-long devotional prayers at Church. I need to be there before 5:30AM (You can tell the difference because I have never done this when I was too busy for the Automated Elections). This is in preparation for the ordination of ministers which is history in the making for our Church.This is happening in Mindanao for the first time. Ordination is a sacred event which normally takes place at the Central Temple in Metro Manila. Our locale is very blessed to have been chosen as the venue. So you could just imagine the preparations the brethren did for this glorious event in sheer anticipation of meeting the Church's Executive Minister.

Indeed, the ordination itself (May 29) was a day filled with excitement. As early as May 28, the brethren from different parts of Mindanao began to flock in the Church's vicinity. Security was tight. The human barricade could hardly control the flocking crowd.

In its entirety, the event was a blessed one. Never in my wildest dreams have I thought I can be given a chance to be part of such a glorious event.

Praise be unto God!

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