Saturday, April 16, 2011


It’s funny to think how a mere basketball game could immensely affect one’s emotion. True, I love watching basketball games especially so when my fave team is on the run. You just don’t know how happy I am when my team wins. It’s like you wanna throw out a real big party. And how heart breaking it is when they lose. I always see to it that I keep myself updated with my own favorite team -- their standing, schedule of games, stats, etc. I admit that it’s the only show I prefer to watch if you would let me choose one though I am also trying to enjoy watching other shows apart from watching basketball. Right! You could say I am a fanatic, a proud Ginebra fan at that, hehe.

I still could recall, I was in college when I have erratic heartbeats whenever I watch their games without a single miss, huh! You could attribute it to my having a big admiration to their once-small-forward player Vince Hizon, who is now happily married, poor me, hehe! Well, the feeling’s long gone as well as the man. He’s no longer part of my all-time favorite team but still, I am one of the million Ginebra-fans who keeps cheering and egging them on to always keep that NEVER-SAY-DIE SPIRIT.

New players came and continued to live up to the fans’ expectations. The ball is round. They could win the championship or they could not. But still, I am hoping they have the win every game because it’s one of the things that make me happy. Yeah, “ang babaw ko”, you might think that. I won’t mind, it’s a good feeling to be true to one’s own self…

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