Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! I missed blogging for 2 nights. I haven't been online. KUERDAS have an out-of- town show. Since My Sayang attended Marlon's birthday party, and since I'll be alone at home, I decided to watch my brothers' show for the opening of the Munato Festival at Alabel, Sarangani Province last November 23, 2007. It was a blast! Everyone was on party mood. We got home on the wee hours of the morning because KUERDAS was lined up for the finale. So, it turned out that my family got home very late.

I need to wake up before 8am because I have my baking class on Saturday, November 24. But since, I went to bed late, I woke up late, too, hehe. I did my make up classes aside from the regular class that we had. I got home at 6pm. I was rushing coz I was late and my Sayang was waiting for me.

I was happy. He was able to talk with my mother. And his Mum, Mummy Carol, was able to talk with my mother, too. And I was able to speak with Mum Carol for a while. My Sayang and I went to bed early coz we have church the next day.

This morning, I went to church at 9:45am. I took a nap after I got home. Then my phone rang. My Sayang was on the other end. I always love to hear his voice! Sounds cute when he say: "Mahal na Mahal Kita!". He always make my heart bounce. And guess what? I was a little suprised coz our little sister, Meggy, was with him at home. She was able to meet Mum Carol, too! I was able to talk to her for awhile on the phone.

Right now, I took time to write this while waiting for My Sayang. He attended a Christian Music presentation at church. I can't wait to be with him again!

While writing this, i was talking at the same time with Twerlyn about some details for her wedding.
And now, I'm just about ready to take my dinner. Till then!

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