Monday, November 19, 2007

No Ordinary Day

Today was no ordinary day for me. My sayang and I was able to talk online after 3 agonizing and long nights of missing each other (he worked for 3 days on night schedule). I got very lonely without him here. Good thing cellphones were invented! And good thing the blog is here to keep me busy.

Well, i went to work today. A little boring and nothing much to do. Just thinking of getting home and talking with My Sayang. I always want to be with him.

After updating ourselves with what has happened for the last 3 days, I knew he was tired and sleepy. I don't want him to be too tired. I wanted him to get more sleep so that he won't be too sleepy for church tomorrow. We said good night at each other and I took time to write this.

And now I am ready for bed, with a smile on my face...

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