Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Actually Felt God

My Prince and I were able to talk early morning today. After sharing some photos we had for each other, he admitted he lost. Elvie and I took more pictures than he was able to take, haha! He then shared some gospel songs for me. There was this song that he was actually so up in describing. The song is entitled Worship, Honor And Love from Shekinah Glory Ministry. He was telling me it's not about the music. It is about God and the Holy Spirit annointing that piece of art . It makes you feel good hearing it and you can actually feel God and the Holy Spirit's presence in your life when you get to hear the song.

I waited for that song to finish downloading. And he was right! I got mummed for a while. It took me a long time to reply to his messages. I was totally lost; I got hooked listening to the choir. It was a very moving song! I actually felt God when I heard it. My spirit was lifted up! He was glad when I told him I understood all his descriptions coz I felt it, too. There were not too many people who were blessed enough of having to actually "feel" God by a mere song. But I was able to. So I consider myself completely blessed.
I never heard songs of this kind before until my Prince came into my life. He told me no songs are better than worship songs for the Lord and no worldly songs can ever compare with them. I completely agree with him.
I can't help but be teary-eyed realizing how lucky I am to have a boyfriend with that strong and deep spirituality. Sometimes, I feel inadequate coz I have actually felt weak and have stumbled too times a many. But thanks to the Father. His words were always manifested in my boyfriend keeping me strong and encouraging me at all times. He made me realize that there's still a lot more to cultivate in my faith to make me even more steadfast. We all fall short. But amazingly, God is always there always ready and willing to listen, accept, and forgive us if only we ask for it.

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