Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Blues and Bliss

I thank Sis Jennie once again for tagging me! The year 2007 was a year that was just wonderful not only for me but also for my entire family. It's just appropriate to recognize God's wonderful works on the first day of the year and to look forward for an even better and more blessed 2008.
I am tagging everyone in my Virtual Friend's list to keep this train rolling. Please do not break the chain!

My 2007 Blues:

1. I wasn't able to utilize my 2006 training in Medical Transcription. I am not saying it's no good to get an intensive short-term training in this field. I still would like to encourage you all to try. It just so happens that there were some change of plans and the money and time I invested in this training wasn't put to good use. Hopefully, I will soon come to terms with what I plan to do with the good training that I had.
2. Having no opportunity to fully talk things out with my bestfriend. Though we are on our speaking terms in 2007, I deemed it would still be best if we both knew what had transpired in the past...what's the real score between us?
3. My team, Ginebra Kings, wasn't able to make it in the Fiesta Cup. I always make it a point to see their every games and I got upset when things didn't go their way the last time out.
My 2007 Bliss:
1. My first bliss in 2007 was having to find my one true love. Beyond words and distance, my Prince has made my life so colorful! I can't help but look forward for more good things to come in the future and continue counting my blessings.
2. Having been able to finish my training in Hot Cook Kitchen operation is another blissful achievement for me. Being someone who doesn't know how to cook, haha, learning the basics in cooking is just too great!

3. Having been able to hurdle another training yet in Baking, this is just too much that My Prince could handle, hahaha! Yeah! Kahit pano, I know how to bake cakes of different kinds now, hehe!

4. Having been able to buy our new 29-inch flat TV and having to repair our leaking roofs (thanks to my Prince!) made my family very happy. I am not materialistic. For sure we can live without the new TV, but for the sake of watching my own team win and lose, haha, my Prince deemed it best to buy us a new one. These are the little pleasures that made my life more blissful! And I will be forever thankful to the Father for blessing me with a very supportive and loving boyfriend.
5. Having been able to get a pose with my all time favorite players during their practice, I was obviously in Cloud 9, haha! Wait till i could get to post our photos here, hehe!
6. Last but not considered the least, being able to get my own blogspot account made me ecstatic! I will get to have my own readers (as if naman meron, hehe) and I will get to freely express myself by blogging. Wheeeew! What a blissful year that was for me!

Here’s how it works:
1. Copy some of the description of this tagging meme and modify it with your own.
2. Provide your Blues and Bliss answers.
3. Post the name and the link of all those who joined this meme and the one who tagged you! If you get a ping back, include also that person in the link list.
Let’s all have a wonderful 2008! Cheers!

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