Thursday, January 31, 2008

On Blogging Hiatus

I apologize to all my friends who came and visited me and even took the effort of leaving me messages. I am so sorry If i couldn't attend to all your messages and couldn't hit you back at this point. I couldn't come online the way i used to before. I got sick for a couple of days and my mother keeps nagging at me. My PC usage is regulated as of the moment. My mother strongly emphasized in my face that I got sick because of blogging. Idol Jessie called it "blog sickness" and I name it "blog virus", haha! I hope everything will return to normal soon. There are so many things or i mean "words" that's working up in my head. And so many long overdue tags and awards that I need to work on. When things will get back to normal, I will make it up to all of you.... PROMISE!

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