Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have always envied people here in the cyberspace who were able to earn some cash out of blogging. Some blogger friends encouraged me to be one of them and gave me some tips on how to earn as much as they are earning. I tried Smorty and at first I got rejected because I have no enough traffics. The next time I tried my luck, I was very happy because finally, they have approved me to be part of Smorty.

I can’t say anything wrong about Smorty’s services. It’s a great site because I was given a chance to blog for money. I get paid for blogging which for me is a great opportunity because aside from exercising my writing prowess, I will be able to get paid to blog and will be able to advertise on blogs as well;
blog advertising is a sure way of earning some extra cash aside from getting your page known.

Try Smorty now and be one of us!

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