Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nominated for the First Ever Most Sociable Blogger @ My Idol's Site

I have always been very blunt since day one that I am a big fan of the What Have You Blog. Its author, Kuya Jessie, is such an excellent writer that he captured my attention since the first day I came across his site. I always make it a point to read all his sensible posts.
When I knew that the search for the MOST SOCIABLE BLOGGER AWARDEE is on, there is only one person that came to mind. I wanted to nominate the promoter of the contest. I keep convincing him that no other blogger deserves to have that award other than him. But he told me, he isn't included. I wasn't aware that he already nominated me himself. That's why it came as a shock to me when I saw my name in the list of the nominees. I love to bloghop but I don't have so much time so I can not say that I am sociable enough, haha!
But anyway, it's a great honor for me to be nominated by my Idol. I believe so much in his credibility in holding contest of this kind so I am all for it. I am even very much willing to go as far as campaign and at the same time promote his site so other bloggers would know that a blogger like him exist in the blogosphere. I know he isn't a traffic-hungry type of person so this contest is not for his own benefit. His page is ranked by Google as 4 and anyone would love to be featured at his site. It is a great opportunity for us bloggers to be featured at the What Have You blog.
For the information of everyone, Kuya Jessie doesn't get his traffics/ visitors from bloggers alone. Writing is in his blood that is why it is no surprise that all his articles placed 1st or 2nd at Google's search engines. That's where he gets majority of his visitors. So even if he doesnt get much visitors from bloghoppers, he will still have almost a thousand visits per day. Unlike other sites who gain much from contests only because of the visits they get from bloggers, this site is different. Paying him a visit is all worth it. Such a brilliant mind in the blogging community is very rare and I am very glad that I am one of the nominees for the first ever MOST SOCIAL BLOGGER OF THE WEEK.

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