Monday, April 7, 2008

Healthful Eye Care Tips

"The eye is the window of the soul, the door, the intellect. The will are seen in the eyes!"
This adage made me realize just how precious our eyes are. It is only just right and proper to take great care of it. It was in the second week of March when I had a visit to my ophthalmologist. The first thing that strucked him was how my eye grade increased so tremendously. The eyeglasses I wore has a grade of -7.50 and when he had me checked out, it increased to -10.00! He said we are going to monitor the grade increase. If the increase is way below a hundred in a year, there's every reason for us to be happy. But if it goes up to a hundred or more every year, eye laser could be one of the options. He even computed the grade I could possibly have when I am at the age of 40... -20.00! My golly! This is so thick and will make even more heavy and eventually make me look like a "manang!"
He explained to me that it could be with my genes. And even said that it has nothing to do with using computers for a prolonged period of time. But I beg to disagree with him. In my family, I am the only one who got this problem. My mother is in her twilight years but have no problems with her eyes. So are my brothers. They are not fond of reading books or PC geeks either. I am blaming too much PC usage as the culprit! There's no escaping the fact that we use computers for our daily existence because everything now is done through PCs. But if there's a way that we could regulate our computer usage, we can do so. This is to avoid abusing our eyes. It will make us regret the consequences later. This is the feeling that I have now. If only I could turn back the hands of time when I had 20/20 vision.
I tried to surf over the web the important things that I need to know to have my myopia cured or just even put to a halt my grade increase. I know I haven't been kind to my eyes over the years but I hope it might not be too late. Now I am sharing to you some of the healthful eye care tips:
  1. Eat plenty of citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables that are rich in vitamin A and beta carotene like carrots, papaya, mangoes, tomatoes and dairy products.
  2. We need to regularly exercise our eyes. Just like our body, our eyes need proper blood circulation to give it good relaxation. Doing a little eye exercise is no miracle cure but it can derive a little solution to some eye related problems. Dr Harish S. Belvi, ophthalmologist in Mumbai said that it's important to give our eyes a break during working hours and do a little work out for the eyes. I tried to do some of them and it felt good! These are: (1) blinking your eyes several times, (2) while your eyes are closed, try rolling your eyeballs, both clockwise and anticlockwise, then take a deep breath. While releasing your breath, gradually open your eyes.
  3. Look away and concentrate on a distant object in between working long hours will help your eyes focus better.
  4. Wear protective eye gears. During the day we need to protect our eyes from UV rays. Thus, wearing sunglasses with UV protection is very helpful.
  5. Get adequate sleep. Our eyes being healthy depends on how well rested we get (goodbye to catching oopps now, hehe!).

To sum everything up, having a balanced diet, regular sleeping habits, a good balance between work and rest, all play an important role to maintain and restore our eye's healthy condition.

If you know some other tips that could be helpful, please feel free to post them in the comments section. That will be very appreciated.

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