Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May 1 is Labor Day & My Madear's Birthday!

Good thing President GMA didn't moved Labor Day into another day. Since she assumed office as the country's President, she has always "respected" family days thus moving regular holidays to Fridays or Mondays to make weekends longer. We were expecting she will again move Labor Day to May 2 instead of May 1. Good thing she did not. Had GMA moved Labor Day to May 2, my mother and I agreed we will take ourselves off from work, hehehe.
My mother has always celebrated her birthday on a holiday. Her sisters always
remember her birthday, too being the youngest amongst 11 siblings. She is a groovy mama, certified stage mother to my performing brothers and the best mother in the whole wide world. I just couldn't imagine life without her. I have lived my entire life being with her, even sleeping beside her at night and have our pillow talks at early dawn. Sure she has her flaws and imperfections but who else doesn't have?
My mother has been widowed for almost 5 years now. My father's lo
ss was the most tragic event that ever happened in our family more so for my mother. I know I couldn't have survived life without her always giving me strength and encouragement. On my mother's 47th birthday, I wish that all her heart's desires may be granted. I know she has always wished the best not only for herself, but for the 3 of us, her children. I'm wishing and hoping too, that someday, she will get to meet a person man enough to accept her for what she is, ready to spend the rest of his life with her until the end. Yeah, I am not like other children who would strongly oppose their parents who would want to remarry. Let's face it. We may not always be around for them. They need a companion whom they can share their thoughts with until their hairs turn to gray. I wouldn't want to deprive my mother of that happiness. Cheers and Happy Birthday, Mang! I love u so much! Mwaaahhhh!

P.S. This is just a quick post from an internet cafe. I'll do my bloghopping tomorrow. Please bear with me...

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