Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Take Care of Your Hands

Almost three years ago, I had a visible lump at the back of my wrist. I went to an orthopedic to have it checked. The doctor said that it was acquired due to excessive use of my hands. He asked if I was using the computer frequently and I said "Yes." That's when he concluded that I may have some improper use of my hands when pressing the keyboard of my PC. He recommended a minor surgery if I really want to get rid of it. But then I decided to just minimize using the keyboard and if I can't help myself from using it, I should observe proper handling of the keyboard. True enough, there was no trace of that lump now. But as I observed, it comes back whenever I tend to abuse my hands.
When I checked my email today, a message captured my attention that reminded me on how I used to abuse my hands. But this time, this message is a friendly reminder for us to better take care of our hands. Kindly read on for your own benefit.
Here are some correct postures which should be used while using a computer to reduce stress and other ill effects.

Take good care of your wrist while using the keyboard and mouse on your comouter. Long term repetitive action stress can lead to Carpal Tunnel. You could end up going under a surgery that looks like this:

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