Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Minus My Tagboard

Yeah. As the title of this post suggests, you can no longer see my tagboard. You can now stop looking for it. I removed it yesterday. The reasons? Well, it has been common knowledge that spammers abound everywhere and it has pissed me off since I started blogging. And there are bloggers too who, intentionally or unintentionally, keeps flooding the tagboard with the same message content.
This is some kind of an experiment for me. I want to know who from among my blogger friends would take some time and effort to honestly say "hi" or just make their presence felt. I do not deprive bloggers of leaving their footprints here in my page. In fact, they are very much welcome.
As you can obviously see, I placed a "You Comment, I follow" image on my side bar. The comment section is always open to everyone. I have never filtered the comments made by commenters because this blog welcomes interaction. There are some blogs which do not allow comment viewing right after you took time to write some comments. It means, your comment needs some filtering first. That won't happen here. As long as your comment won't go below the belt and won't go beyond what ethics in blogging observes, it will be shown immediately where the public can openly read and react.
Another thing worth mentioning is that I can easily track down visitors even if they won't leave any comments as long as they drop Entrecard. I always do my best to return the favor of dropping to those who took time to drop theirs. I hope removing my tagboard woudn't be a barrier for your frequent visits.

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