Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Entrecard-Dropping Addiction

When I got myself an Entrecard account, it took me a long time to know how it really works for us bloggers. I didn't find it working to my advantage before. Until such time when I frequently browsed on my dashboard. I learned that earning credits by dropping Entrecards can be used for a number of purposes. It can be utilized to buy for ads, it can be sold, it can be used as a prize for running your own contests and others that you may think would serve its purpose.
I was able to explore more and from then on, I find myself being addicted to dropping ecards to a number of bloggers with EC accounts. I have the best motives but the lack of time prevented me from achieving my goal. At first I find it really hard. I haven't figured out yet the tricks on how to drop lots of ecards in only a matter of minutes. With the help of my younger bro Joliber, who encouraged me to get myself an account, I searched over the net. It amazed me to know that you can drop 300 cards in only 15 minutes! WOW! That's a helluva lot of sites to visit! I've found a number of sites that gave me relevant informations on entrecard-dropping.
If you haven't gotten yourself an Entrecard account as of yet, you can sign up now and get to enjoy dropping your own Ecards!

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