Sunday, June 29, 2008

Drive Traffic to Your Site Fast, It's All for Free @ Entrecard

I am not a traffic-hungry type of person. Since I've started blogging late quarter of last year, I am not too particular with stats and how this blog is faring in other traffic-determining sites. I simply could just live without web traffics here in my site. I blog whatever comes to mind in random.
But since I got hooked in dropping Entrecards, my drop rank is now "Deeply committed - Deadly serious. A drop master." This goes down at times when I couldn't find enough time to fulfill dropping 300 Ecards for the day. As a result of the tedious task of dropping Ecards daily (mind you, this could be very draining at most times), I've then noticed an amazing rise in my Alexa traffic from over a million to more than 400K in less than a month. My Real Rank at PPP also went up to as high as 600. Now, I do not know how all these figures could affect the life of this blog. Before Entrecard, I barely get 50 visits a day. Today, the close-to-300 visitors is just overwhelming. I am not used to this. "Simpleng blogger lang po ako, hehe! And I feel ashamed for having not posted anything relevant that could be of help to all visitors of this blog.
At any rate, I am grateful especially for the EC droppers who has reciprocated my drops. And I hope you won't get tired coming back here from time to time. I don't believe that traffics generated through Entrecard is a junk, as some people would like us to believe. Entrecard is a big boost for our blog to get enough exposure through purchasing of ads.
I know there are still a lot of things I need to learn here, like SEO techniques and the like. Getting unique visitors from the search engine as well is what I really wanted to work on. I am aware that would mean coming up with interesting and relevant entries which I would like to work on very, very hard, haha! Is there anyone out there who might love to share some tips about SEOing? That will be so much appreciated.

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