Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trendy Apparels at Its Best!

I love to dress up. For a government employee like me, I need to be decent and wear that casual and formal clothes at work. No plunging necklines, no wearing of sleeveless, shorts and tight-fitting jeans that would bare your soul to the world. I need to look prim and proper. But I would love to wear clothes where I can be sexy in so many ways without looking too daring. These clothes I could also get to wear at church whenever we have our worship services every Thursdays and Sundays. Double purpose, hehe!
With today's modern fashion sense, lots of trendy apparels are available at the malls and in the boutiques but the prices are too expensive I just can not afford. I have other things that needed to be prioritized like the daily basic essentials. But I do not want to go working looking like an old-fashioned gal and worse, look like a pauper!
Good thing I have found an alternative. I still could purchase the best trendy clothings available. Discount apparel is absolutely a sure hit for an ordinary employee like me. This company is contracted to dispose excess toys, electronics, tools, cosmetics and of course clothings to various department stores in the United States. This got me thinking. If I purchase by bulk, I wanna invest in retailing these apparels to my friends, purchasing the items at a very low amount and selling them below the wholesale cost. That's gonna be income on the side for me. Ain't right?

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