Monday, August 25, 2008

WANTED: Steady Girlfriend!

Yes! You heard it right!
And it's a serious quest for a steady gilfriend who can be wife material for a very good friend of mine whom I knew since we were eight (8) years old. I was surprised because he had transformed from a nonchalant persona into a responsible man. Indeed, it made him all the more pleasant.
This post may sound a little desperate but my friend believes that it could be a great idea. Mind you, I have his permission! Who knows? The girl of his dreams may just be around the blogosphere, hehe! But I know for certain that there are no dream girls, only compatible partners.
This friend of mine named Neil is in a serious quest for a girlfriend. He has girlfriends in the past but didn't last for long. It's because of the nature of his work which requires his absence for longer period of time.
He travels the world and crosses miles and miles of seas. That's what he does for a living.
Ooops! I know what you must be thinking- Every place replace, every port deport!?
I am asking you not to be too quick to pass on your judgment. My friend has grown matured over the years. When he was a lot younger, maybe that has been the case, but experience have taught him a few lessons.
I admire him for being so kindhearted. He never fails to extend a helping hand to friends. I can still vividly recall when he made the offer of backing me up financially whenever I decide to work overseas. He also offered to lend me money for a show in case I apply for a tourist visa for Australia. I am not the only friend he has extended his help with. It's a pity though that his kindness was more often abused. He's the type who offers his help even before you cry out for help.
His love for his Mom was made evident when he assumed the role of looking after his Mom's health everytime he comes home. Not too many single man would do that. Men would always love to portray a macho image of themselves, therefore doing away from that "mama's boy image".
Not my friend.
He possessess a very good outlook in life, sensible, has a sense of future. He certainly deserves all the blessings that he is enjoying now because he worked hard for all of these.
He deserves to be happy. I know someone out there deserves his love and she shall come in God's own perfect timing. I have been telling him that a good spouse comes from the Father and he should not cease asking from Him.
If you know someone or if you think you are that someone (hehe!) that my friend is looking for, please do not hesitate to leave me a message in my comment section.
Below are some photos of him:

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