Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Saying Goodbye to Blogging

I know some of you might feel very happy ;-) This boring blog won't be trying to get your attention for a few days at least (Tuesday till Friday). Some might feel sad. While I'm away, I won't be able to update this blog and my other blogs for that matter nor can I drop my cards to 900 blogs (for my 3 blogs).

It took a lot of urging from my Prince before he was finally able to convince me that I deserve a break. The last time out, my family went out of town but I was left here all alone at home. For the past couple of months, I've devoted so much of my time online and I have quite sacrificed my offline life in favor of blogging. I find it hard to leave all my blogging chores behind. And of course, since I am in a Long Distance Relationship, it is doubly hard for me to have no internet access. I am not used being "away" from my Prince. I don't wanna miss our daily talks just because I can't get online. It's like the world stops from revolving if I keep myself away from my computer.
This time, I think I owe it to myself. I will be with my family for four long days. Incidentally, Kuerdas shall be performing for the Roots Art Reggae Festival 2008. That should be a real get-away! This will be the first time that I will be away from my computer for quite a long time. I am not too sure if computer or internet accessibility is made available in the island my family is planning to visit.
But what the heck!
I'll try to forget about blogging and find a cure to this addiction for the time being, hehe! I'm thrilled with the thought of me saying bye bye to blogging with careless abandon and not thinking at all on what to write and not concerning myself of deadlines to beat for doing reviews.
To all EntreCarders, it would only mean one thing. I can't return all your drops for a few days. But I will try to make it up to you all once I'm back. I am not too sure if I can keep my regular droppers in that span of time but it's OK, that's how it goes and I understand.

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