Monday, September 1, 2008

Top Entrecard Droppers for the Month of August

I always give recognition to where it is due. Another month has gone by again and it's now time to name my loyal, serious, notorious, Entrecard masterdroppers. But this month is a whole lot different from the previous months. The figures will speak for itself. All the 31 days of August, my Top 10 droppers never failed to drop a single card!

My heart is overflowing with gratitude!

I have long been thinking of a way on how to reward them. Some other bloggers were sending credits to show their appreciation. I thought of doing that, too but I haven't got enough credits to be able to do that because in my other blog, Lainy's Musings, my Top 10 droppers never failed in dropping a single card as well!


I even thought of purchasing credits just so I could well reward them all. Uncle Che told me it's OK if I send them not too huge a credit because he knows it's a sincere and genuine gesture of appreciation on my end. Thanks for that, Uncle Che!

As I was on my way to work today, instead of sending credits, I thought of keeping the banners of my Top 10. It will stay on top of the fold of this blog for the whole month of September.

I hope they could get the recognition and the promotion that they so truly deserve. Please do swing by my Top Dropper's blogs by clicking the 125X125 widgets below:

Unpredictable LifeAtnizEnfotainerClassic MachinesThailand Land of Smiles

Poem of Quotes Blog60 Were EnoughMemories Frozen in TimeZ- CarInternet Payee


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