Saturday, October 25, 2008

Filipino Close Familial Ties

We got back from my Tito's wake yesterday afternoon. He was buried yesterday morning. Our clan were gathered together to share the grief that my Tito's immediate family were currently hurdling. This made me appreciate the unique Filipino culture that we all share.
In moments of bereavement, finding comfort in the arms of your own family and relatives is a huge reassurance that everything will be just fine. Close family ties among us Filipinos are being upheld with utmost importance. When families are confronted with life's inevitabilities, the Filipino close family bonds are confirmed to be intact.
I just hope that a family member's passing away is not only the lone occasion for Filipino families to be gathered together.
I would like to share some snapshots with my cousins and other relatives. We were smiling here not because we were happy that my Tito passed away. We share the joy of once again being together as one big family ;-)

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