Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

What a time to post a new entry here! It has been a week since I have updated this blog. I feel too lazy thinking of anything sensible to write. I always have drooping eyes as early as 8PM. I always hit the sack very early but I wake up at midnight and go back to sleep again at 3AM. This has been my sleeping habits for a week or so. Is this a sign of aging? That I do not know.
All that I am aware of is that I am a blessed creature for having to reach another year of my life, undaunted by any form of adversities, trials and misfortunes. I return back all the glory to our GOD Almighty for he has always filled my heart with happiness and contentment despite the seemingly insurmountable odds.
I feel very lucky to have with me my FAMILY and RELATIVES who always stood by me in times of distress and troubles and who shared with my joys and triumphs.
My PRINCE who never fails to show me what true love is. I keep pondering on what his love means to me and I realize what a treasure of emotions I am able to hold. My Prince has taken my heart and taught it to grow. I am a new person just from loving him. He filled my heart with so much love and happiness. There are so many things about my Prince that I am very grateful for. When he came into my life, he gave me love and joy beyond what I thought was possible. I am thankful for the many times he made me laugh and made me forget how cruel life can be at times. I am thankful for the inspiration and meaning he gave into my life.
My FRIENDS online and offline, who cheers me up and brightens up my day by their simple gestures of warmth and friendship. Life wouldn't be as colorful and meaningful without them around.
With all these treasures that surrounds me, I can not ask for anything more!
Almost all people long and seek for well-being, contentment, and a state of tranquility we call happiness. Many confidently look forward to a bright future. But against a backdrop of seemingly unresolved problems and trials, the hope for a rosy future is anchored only on the words of the Almighty God- the One who can fulfill all His promises and does not lie.
No one can be more reassuring than the Lord Almighty. To GOD be the glory!

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