Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Birthday Celebration

Just a few hours before the clock hit 12:01AM of 10/29, I was talking with Uncle Che of AZ Blogging at YM for some important details of Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest. I handed down to him the responsibility of taking over my blog on my big day. He was very kind enough to leave work just to do it for me. A few minutes after I bid goodbye to him, I heard the strumming of guitar. I then heard my mother and my two brothers singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!". I was thrilled to my bones being serenaded at this wee hour of the day! I've also received SMS from early birds greeting me at 12MN. One of them was from my Pretty cousin Michelle a.k.a. Mystique. I then went to bed and just as exactly Uncle Che described me, was snoring, hahaha! A call from my Prince woke me up very early in the morning just to greet me on my big day. His gift was sent to me 5 days ahead. It's HERE.
My Prince and I was still able to talk early that day, I couldn't stay long though but he made me promise to have as many snapshots of the celebration as possible ;-) It was just a simple celebration with my family, some friends, my co-workers and my churchmates. The most important part was before we took dinner, a very poignant and meaningful prayer was led by a minister from church.

Here are some snapshots from last night:

To all of you who left very inspiring birthday messages and wishes in my previous post, Happy Birthday to Me, THANK YOU!
  1. Daisy
  2. Jennie
  3. Simplymama
  4. Nedekcir
  5. Poray
  6. Beth
  7. Wendy
  8. Twinks
  9. Ally
  10. Mize
  11. Coolingstar
  12. Lynn
  13. Race
  14. Bregie
  15. Mariuca
  16. Elaine
  17. Honey
  18. Recel of Rare Jonrez
  19. Michelle
  20. Babette
  21. Gvenrose
  22. Sam

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