Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Payu2Blog Rocks!

Get Paid Money to Blog

It has been six (6) weeks since I've began working with Payu2Blog. In that span of time, I have been paid $270 for doing assignments across my two blogs. Just recently, I've added my third blog and is beginning to get some assignments as well.
What I love with PU2B is that I get to work on the tasks given to me without any pressure at all. I am given ample time (one week) to accomplish all the jobs required of me. The free platform gives me enough room on how I get the jobs done.
If you want to submit your blogs at Payu2Blog and be assured of approval, please take note of the following standard minimum requirements:
  • Must Be 18 Or Older
  • Minimum of 90 days of Consistent Postings on Archives
  • Must Have Categories
  • Own Domain Name (Not .wordpress, .blogspot., .blogsome, .bravejournal, .Blogger, blogdrive, etc.)
  • All Posts Must Be In English
  • Minimum Grammatical Errors
  • Some Ads OK - But Not Too Many
  • Must Show 90 days of Archives
  • Categories
  • Quick Load Speed
  • Design/Template Creativeness

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