Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank You

Fall - Thank You Pictures, Images and Photos
Blogger friend's response in my previous post Rivers of Sorrow; Life is too Short is overwhelming. The comforting words they shared in this most trying times especially for my Uncle's family is certainly needed. I couldn't help but feel assured that everything will be alright.
Not everyone gets so lucky to have friends who takes time out to read a single post full of pain and sorrow. I would like to take this chance of thanking these special people for lifting my spirits up. Your words will be forever embedded in my heart because I know they are not just words. It's a sincere gesture of showing you cared and sympathized.
  1. Coolingstar9
  2. Beth
  3. Euphoricgirl
  4. Karen Zemek
  5. Rare Jonrez
  6. Babette
  7. Amy Liley Designs
  8. Bregie
  9. Pauline
  10. Jennie
  11. Twinks
  12. Euroangel
  13. Marie
  14. Wendy
  15. Elaine
  16. Mariuca
  17. Race
  18. Lynne Naranek
  19. Imitation Angel
  20. Nova
  21. Polly
  22. Survivor
  23. Twerlyn

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