Thursday, October 9, 2008

Unscheduled EntreCard Outage

I was about to do my dropping chores for my fourth blog when I saw the following messages everytime I attempt to open an EntreCarder's blog:

Unscheduled outage: Due to increasing database load problems we have been forced to take the site offline temporarily. We hope to be back shortly.

EntreCard lately has been getting lots of outages. I hope with this, the service gets a whole lot better and better. With the EC admin overhauling the EntreCard rules, I have seen quite a number of blogs which have been deleted in the system. They really mean serious business. Oh well, why not? They could get a lot of money from selling EC credits alone- $6 for 1, 000 credits. That's way higher than the usual $3 sold by most EntreCarders.
I know most people are not happy with these developments. EntreCard is regulating the system to their advantage and we have no other option but to abide and play by their rules.

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