Friday, November 21, 2008

Feverish Weekend

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I haven't been feeling too well since yesterday. I went to work feeling very sluggish and with a slight fever. It was triggered by me staying up too late. I have been working under pressure for doing quite a number of assignments the night before and at the same time dropping cards to more than a thousand blogs. Doing more than 10 writing tasks overnight to beat the deadline is trying to be a Superwoman .
But it turned out that I am no Superwoman.
I've got only about 3 hours of sleep. I have been trying to do so much that my health is being sacrificed. I don't want to get sick ever again. My mother has been nagging time and again that the revenue I get from sitting infront of the PC as early as 3 a.m. wouldn't suffice if I get my health compromised. And I say that mothers always knows best!
I didn't want to report for work yesterday but I am left with no choice. There were lots of things to do and waiting for me to be accomplished. We will be having a Post-Election Evaluation and Strategic Planning seminar next week and I need to get everything done before Monday. And there are also some budget concerns that makes my head spinning and going wild.
It's hard to put everything into writing though. It gets more complicated with the upcoming resumption of registration and validation of qualified Filipino voters. I hope I sitll could keep my sanity intact.

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