Friday, November 21, 2008

A Friend's Burpday

Though I was having a slight fever, that didn't prevented me from attending my friend's "burpday" last night. I feel so happy that I was again part of my bestfriend's life. Good thing my Prince is also attending a friend's big day. It was 3PM when he sent me SMS asking permission if he could attend Marlon's birthday dinner at 8. It was one of those rare times wherein he would ask permission from me on the day of the event he is attending. My Prince would usually ask me a week or two ahead. Just like him, I am always delighted when he could get to reunite with his friends which are all brethrens from church because it would mean pictures, hehehe!

I had a great time last night and I ate a lot as usual, haha! And of course taking pictures is always a part of any event. I went home at 11 p.m. But maybe due to eating a lot, I suffered from LBM early dawn. I went back and forth to the toilet, huhuhu! The stomach pain has been bothering me all day today. But as of this writing, I am feeling a lot better, thank God!

Do take a look at some of our pics from last night's "burpday":

My Prince at Marlon's birthday dinner:

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