Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Remember When... (Week #5)

Sunday is reminiscing day!
There are moments in our lives that many of us holds so dear in our hearts. I've decided to join in this week's topic:

I remember when… I had my first crush”. Did you chase boys around the playground? Or moon over that gorgeous guy in homeroom? Whatever your memories are related to your first crush, share them - on Sunday, November 2nd, at!

Oh well, can you still remember the Wanted: Steady Girlfriend post I've made a few months back? That guy was my first crush! And I was his first crush, and so he said, hahaha! We were only eight years old then, we were classmates in Grade 3 and I was rather new in the class. I've just transferred from a different school. Setting modesty aside, I bested out our other classmates and they elected me their Class President ;-). That's the time I've noticed he keeps getting my attention.
The guy, who is now my very close friend, kept chasing me after class. He really got under my skin! Everytime I got a new haircut he would often tease me, or if I got a new uniform. In short, he really got my attention. It was then I realized I liked him!
Blush, blush, blush!
I was a very shy girl then. I'm still is but tolerable, hahaha! I am very quiet and I don't mingle much with people. In short, I've always pretended I didn't liked him but deep within me, he was my ultimate crush. There was even a point when I thought I've loved him. But guess what? His bestfriend became my first boyfriend!!! This is a story that you would usually hear or see only in movies but it really is true. It happened to me and it could happen to you or maybe it already has happened to you.
Why not share them to us?

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