Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top 25 EntreCard Droppers for the Month of November

Make way for the Top Droppers of this blog for the month of November!
Again, these blogs are notorious! They dropped their cards every single day of November, without a single fail!
W - O - W!
I commend their dropping efforts! It's not easy to be spending time and effort just to make your presence felt in my blog and for that, I am all hat's off to you! All I could offer is a link love directed at your OWN site and not at your EC profile. Many bloggers are giving recognition to their Top Droppers but unknowingly, they aren't really giving them credits at all because the credit goes to the EntreCard system.
The Top Droppers deserve much better than that.
I took time to link you all up using your respective URL's.

Dropper# of drops
Trade Forex Online31
Arohan's investing life31
Computer Aid31
The Ad Master31
Dungeons and Dragons Corner31
HRM Business Practices and Notes31
Earn Blogger31

Not too far behind are the following consistent droppers:
Authority Directory
Is 8 Enough?
BRYAN KARL Everything Online

Symphony of Love
Marriage and Beyond
Big Boys Have Toys Too
60 Were Enough
Memories Frozen in Time

Bingo Games and Women Community
Random Ramblings
PC Tips

To all of you, a million THANK YOU's!

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