Friday, December 5, 2008

Meeting Up With Meggy

Finally, I was able to meet Meggy last night after church. For those of you who still doesn't know her, you can read HERE. It has been more than a week since her arrival from Sydney, Australia and our first scheduled meet up over lunch last Tuesday was cancelled because she was very busy working out her papers yet again for her return to Sydney. My Prince was actually urging me to call her up and make an appointment for her to see me and for Megz to be able to hand me down the birthday gifts my Prince and Mummy Carol prepared for me that weren't included in the birthday package my Prince sent me on my birthday last October. I still haven't divulged the gifts though. I hope it still isn't too late to blog about it.
I was very happy I was able to meet Megz again. She is the only person that connects me with my Prince. Sometimes I would tell him I feel envious. I wish I was in Meggy's shoes. Meggy was able to spend time with him in more than one occasions especially when Meggy was still new to the place and she had a hard time going to church. It would take 2 rides before she can reach church- by bus and by train. My Prince would oftentimes fetch her and travel two hours to get to her place. When she was upset and needed someone, she was crying when he called my Prince up and asked him to fetch her at school. She got very lucky coz it was my Princes' day off that time.
Indeed, my Prince has been a true "Kuya" to Meggy and Megz was our pretty little sister ;-)
My Prince and some friends spending time with Megz before she finally goes back to the place called her home: Philippines

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