Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Awards for 2009

It's time to show off the first awards I've got for this year. Unlike other bloggers who hates memes and awards, I try my best to give these awards a slot/ space in my blog. After all, it's my way of showing how much I appreciate these bloggers for thinking of me. I usually post awards all at once. But on most occasions, I forget to bookmark all those taggers and those bloggers who gave me lovely awards (I'm sorry!). But rest assured that these awards are highly appreciated. Thank you so much for thinking of me and my blogs.
I will start off with this four beautiful awards from my very good friend Polly of Random Ramblings. I would like to commend her for never failing to include me in her short list of recipients. You definitely made my day and you always plaster a smile on my face, My Dear Friend!

Incidentally, the You Make My Day Award was also given to me by Michelle of My Small World.

The Honest Scrap Award was also given to me by my cousin Dearie Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder:

I thank Matthias of Matthias Chronicles for also giving me this lovely Blog Love Award:

Now I would like to share these four awards to deserving blogger friends in no particular order:
This time I wanna thank Lynn, Photojournalist , Nova, Babette, and Murderous Intention for awarding me this lovely Triple Awards!

I would like to share this to Ivy of The Designer's Chic.

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