Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Robust Appetite

I have gained weight; four kilos to be exact. I can not exactly remember how it happened. But I am attributing it to my robust appetite as of late. I was shocked when I tried to wear one of my favorite jeans at work today. It does not fit well anymore! Now I really have to keep watch of my diet and get myself a good exercise like treadmill. It was my most fave equipment way back when I was still attending sessions everyday without fail at the gym.

I don't feel really good when I eat a lot. I feel like I am getting lousy and too weak. I always have food cravings everyday. I can not help myself from getting some food to munch and munch! I also have to watch out my cholesterol level. It doesn't seem good when I always love to eat meat and other foods with a high level of cholesterol like french fries.

Gosh! I will be depriving myself of a lot of yummy foods! I really have to set my goal and see to it that I am determined and driven to achieve what I want to achieve.

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