Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anniversary Gifts

Last Saturday, my Prince and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary across the distance. I must say this is just the beginning of our journey to forever.

As early as the first week of December, I have been thinking long and hard on what I should send my Prince for a gift. In fact, the ordeal wasn't only experienced by me but my Prince as well, LOL! He even said that for three years, we've almost sent everything there is to send that is why we are having such a hard time on what to give each other.

My Prince forewarned me not to send expensive gifts. He told me that cards will do but knowing me, he knew that cards wouldn't be enough, hehe!

I wanted to give him simple yet memorable gifts. My co-workers suggested some novelty items and I loved the idea. It's not the first time though that I have sent him items from the Philippines. I have done it on several occasions.

Finally! I was able to think of something ;-)

This is a customized mouse pad. My co-worker and I were searching for some items when we passed by Personal Effects at Robinsons Mall. They have been making items for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, baptismals, anniversaries and etc. The items that caught my fancy were custom mouse pads. It was the first time I saw such items. I chose the layout myself courtesy of an online scrap booking site and the result was shown above.

I also bought him a novelty shirt from Bench showing off the the words: I Love Pinas! And of course! A beautiful card went along with these items.

So simple, aint yeah? ;-)

And oh! My mother sent him an anniversary greeting card , too!

The gifts were sent on the 23rd of December 2009 and was delivered on their doorstep on the 1st of January 2010- eight days before our anniversary :-) Just the way I wanted it.

During the course of my search for the anniversary gifts, I haven't forgotten to buy some stuffs for Mummy Carol. It has been both a tradition by me and My Prince to always send both Mummies some mementos and cards. I bought Mummy a purse and a wallet because I knew how she loves these items. I also bought some fridge magnetic decors made from the Philippines.

And how she loved them all!

Here's our anniversary gifts for each other last year:


Customized Couple Shirt:



Pre-made Bracelet:
I'm Yours Forever


Guess Wallet

Fan and Jewelry Set

Unfortunately, the fan and jewelry set wasn't for me. It was given by my Prince for my mother, hehe!

I am still awaiting for My Princes' anniversary gifts this year. He bought a purse for my Mom this time around but never disclosed what he bought for me.

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