Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy 101 on a Friday!

I haven't been doing tags of late but I love to do this one all over again. This is the "Happy 101 Tag" from Pretty Maxi who blogs from Ovah' Coffee.

This task requires me to enumerate the 10 things that makes a simple person like me happy.


Here they are in random order:

  1. I am just a simple girl with simple dreams. Seeing my family intact, in good health and safe from harm are only but a few things that give me a feeling of security and contentment.
  2. When I think about the "big day" when I get to finally meet my Prince.
  3. Daily communication with my guapo "Sayang" without fail!
  4. Receiving beautiful presents from My Guapo Prince and Mummy Carol.
  5. Blogging as a form of expression has brought me enormous joy.
  6. Sincere friendships that has evolved through my blogging journey.
  7. I always do my absolute best when I am accomplishing things. So when concerned parties give me a pat on the back by way of recognizing and appreciating my efforts whether it be at home, at work or across my blogs, that gives me more reasons to smile. I just got inducted to the WBE Blog of Fame and it made me truly happy!
  8. When I get the chance to have a vacation or just a simple outing with my family... away from all the stress brought about by the toxic schedule at work :-)
  9. When the going gets tough and I'm able to hurdle things despite the threats and challenges along the way.
  10. When blood pressure hits the normal level.
The list actually goes beyond 10! There are so many reasons to be happy. But people tend to forget to count their blessings and they always dwell on the dark side of life. If we keep on dwelling on the negative aspects of life, happiness and contentment will eventually elude us.

Over and above these things, let us not forget to give back all the glory to God Almighty. He is the author of our lives and we are nothing without Him!

Feel free to do the tag if you feel like doing it.

Happy weekend everyone!

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