Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brother Dear!

It was on Friday, the 15th of January, when my brother celebrated his birthday. Unlike the previous years, there was no celebration at home. I find it too stressful to do all the preparations and later on find myself down and sick.

The birthday boys in the middle wearing black and white shirts

With my two siblings

It actually was a double celebration. Marcuz, a family friend, also celebrated his birthday. They used to celebrate their birthdays together since they were both kids. This year, they celebrated it together again ;-)

We just decided to dine out with family and some friends together with some of KUERDAS' members. Now, quick weight loss is forgotten here for awhile. I completely lost control of myself again! Sigh!

But dining out means no hassle. No stress. More reasons to smile and have fun, ain't yeah?

After dinner, we proceeded to watch Kuerdas gig at the Jamaican Night. It was a night filled with fun and laughter.

Kuerdas on stage

The brother absolutely had a blast on his big day.

Belated Happy Birthday, Brother Dearie! May your birthday be filled with more blessings and may you incessantly recognize God's presence in your life and continuously glorify His name.

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