Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby Ewoks!

Today marks the first birthday of our adorable and cute baby, Ewoks.

Nine months ago I officially welcomed Ewoks as the family's baby when I wrote about him HERE.

He looked like this when he was just 3-month old:

And how worried my Pretty Mama was when I wrote about Tears for Fears. She has cried countless times when she thought she lost Baby Ewoks.

Prior to Ewoks' celebration of birth, my mother has huge plans for him. She wants a big party for our baby. But since everyone were busy, it wasn't possible for us to prepare things beforehand.

So we had to make do with whatever was laid on the table. Mama Dearie bought a small cake and invited Ewoks' friends and playmates in the neighborhood ;-). They were Hangal, Tropix, Onyok, Little Chin-Chin, Tsam- Tsam, Pringy, Teddy, Ratty, Jer-Jer, etc

They were all going gaga when I got home from work. All of Ewoks' visitors were present. Of course, I had to be present for the simple celebration, too. My cousin Ally, who went back home to Manila today, missed the celebration though. However, she was able to greet Ewoks via her phone :-)

To you Ewoks, happy birthday and thank you for making our home's atmosphere vibrant and for always plastering a smile on our faces :-)

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