Monday, April 19, 2010

Feeling Sick And Wishing For A Fast Recovery

Being down with flu is something that one doesn't want to wish for. I have been sick since Friday night and on Sunday, I forced myself to get up as early as 3:30 AM to serve my obligations at church. When I got home, I lost all my energy.

I have been more than under the weather till now. It gets really tough to follow through with my blog chores.

Late afternoon, I joined my Mama Dearie to have a relaxing and soothing massage. It did help me to feel reinvigorated but not enough for me to report for work today as I have no choice and cannot take a day's leave of absence.

Anyhow, I was able to survive another day and I hope I will be able to hurdle yet another day tomorrow ;-)

I just would like to mention that the excitement over Lainy's Musings 2nd Blogoversary Celebration has just begun as the prelude to its main celebration on April 26th kicked off with the contest: Why Did the Baby React? 

Lainy’s Musings’ 2nd. Blogoversary Contest

As of this writing, there are a total of 11 contestants since the contest post was published at 11am today. I look forward for the pouring in of more entries because the main event to the celebration is fast approaching. 

Indeed, it is a true celebration of bloggers for Lainy's Musings and I can't help but get more excited each day. 

Do stand by for more and please be there on April 26, 2010 for the main event. 

See yah! 

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos



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