Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday, Mama Dearie!

You will never realize what it has taken me to get this Post published! Oh! I could rant and rant but this isn't the day for it - it's my mother's 50th Birthday. All I can say is that here I am at 00:40 am at a Cyber Cafe downtown making sure that this gets to Blogosphere's press ON TIME.

Oh! and Dear Mama, I couldn't explain to you why I had to get out of the house at this dreadful hour and Alas! I had to walk past many Cyber Cafes that were closed for business.

You've walked more than a mile many a times for me. It's my turn now. :) Take a rest, Mama Dearie, it's your Birthday today. Let me take care of everything.  :-) (more post about this soon).

I love you, Mother Dearie! Words may oftentimes fail me, but No one can ever replace you in the family. Thanks for being the best mother that you can be!

May you have a blessed, fun birthday at the beach! :-)

It's beach party time!

It's reggae time! ;-)

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