Friday, May 21, 2010

Birthday Surprise for Mummy from the Philippines With Love

Four days ago, I deliberately connived with My Prince about the surprise I wanted  for her Mum's natal day. My Prince and I had talked about it a few weeks back and we have been pretty excited searching for the best gift for  Mum. Regrettably, my hectic schedule did not permit me to look around for the most wonderful present as there was very limited time spent in front of the PC. My Prince then suggested to keep it simple and that a bouquet of flowers will do. I then asked him to keep his mouth mummed, LOL!

I wanted it to be a surprise.  I did the purchase online because it's the only way to have the flowers sent on her birthday. This is the first time I have done it. I would usually do it by courier and it would take a month or so before she could have her gifts. I could now imagine the look of surprise on Mum's face while receiving the flowers and the birthday card.  It was a little difficult choosing the best looking one as there were too many online sites with equally beautiful offers.

The long search was over when I've found this one which my Prince agreed that Mummy would love:
Mixed Bouquet and Muffin, Candle & Birthday Card

It was a little expensive. My Prince got a little worried and asked if I could afford it. I answered him in the affirmative. It wasn't actually the question of sending the expensive or cheap item. It's always the thought that counts, NOT the price.

Mummy C certainly deserves nothing but the best on her birthday. She is a great woman and a great Mum to all her 3 kids. She was able to raise them up admirably in her lonesome. I am grateful because if not for her, I won't have the best Mahal in the world. I thank the Lord for this wonderful blessing. She has been so nice to me and I can't wait to meet her real soon.

Happy Birthday, Mummy! 


Upon speaking to the CSR of the online flower shop on the phone just now,  she assured me to have the bouquet of flowers delivered at 2PM of May 22, 2010. I also made a special order to add some touch of white flowers to the actual photo. The CSR sent me a confirmation of my order via email:

Hi Ellaine,
Our courier has confirmed your gift should be delivered by 2pm today. It is now 10.04am in Sydney Thank you for your order.
Kind regards,
Mary Ellen

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