Sunday, November 12, 2006

Trying To Be Perfect??? DON'T!!!

As we grow older (I just turned another year older a few days back, hehe), we tend to metamorphose our ideals in life. Let us admit the fact that when we were much younger, we always dream of having the best, if not the perfect relationships, friends, family, so on and so forth. Included in the lists are the “my-first-boyfriend-would-be-my-husband” thing, “I-would-save-myself-for-the-man-I-would-marry” mentality, blah, blah, blah…Please don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against these lines of thinking because, you may believe me or not, all my life, I’ve lived up to these ideals until… sad to say, I haven’t married my first boyfriend… not yet… hehehe…

As the number of years take its toll on us, I’ve realized that no matter how much we keep ourselves ideal and untouched, no matter how we try to correct our lives and how we try to fit everything right, there seemed to be so much curiosity and confusion.

Taking risks in all aspects of our lives make one a tougher person to contend with. There is always the risk of losing or winning. But it isn’t the winning that counts. Its how you stand up for the decisions you have made and how you fight for it and not blame anybody else for whatever has gone wrong. It’s how we learn from our mistakes, how we handle it and face its consequences is truly the heart of the matter.

Committing mistakes sometimes make things right. It doesn’t make one less of a Christian. Rather, it is God’s living testimony that one has came out victorious out of life’s many oversights. It’s all a matter of repentance and coming back to HIM with soulful recognition that we are not perfect but we could always call up to Him for forgiveness and not to plunge ourselves into committing the same mistake all over again.

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