Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ate Ann!

Today is Ate Ann's birthday. I might be too busy to send her SMS or an email but for sure, I haven't forgotten.

I remember those days in the past where we used to celebrate together. I miss the greeting cards, the flowers on the table, the birthday gifts, the prepared lunch, and most of all, the company.
I always look up to Ate Ann as my ate. I always admired her intellect and wisdom. Though destiny made us so far away from each other. I always wished the best for her.

I know God has always His best plans for us. And I always hang on to His words. Even if we parted ways, He will never fail us.
Wherever you are now Ate Ann, may God bless you more and more. Whatever it is that you are wishing for on your birthday, you are wished all that and a whole lot more!
Miss you and stay safe!

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