Monday, October 1, 2007

Chinky Canzana: The Baby Is Now A Lady!

I was talking to no one and I got a little bored when I saw another little sister of mine getting online. She is Chinky Canzana. I got to know her many years back at church. We were both Finance Officers at church and we were always in the same group. Ateng-ate ako pag kasama ko sya, hehe. But time flies real fast. The baby is no longer a lady. She was only a high school student then. After she graduated from high school, we parted ways and she transferred at Davao City to reach her own dreams. She comes back home only during sem breaks. And how she has transformed! Ang galing pomorma! Mas lalo pang gumanda! She used to talk about the boylets she has conquered. I knew she was enjoying her youth.

Now, I've heard she is in Manila and is working. I miss those days when she was still here. I miss seeing her pretty face, her sweet smile and her giggles. Wish to see her when she take her vacation real soon!

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