Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Be Kind To Animals

One Sunday afternoon, while I was working overtime, my pretty mother sent me SMS saying I have to call her at home ASAP. I got a little nervous. I was thinking the worst. When I called her up, she told me our puppy, Wacky, (I used to call him Wacky Boy/ Baby Wacky), was battered by our neighbor. He was rescued by my brother with blood all over his body and he was limping. My mother told me she was taking her nap when she heard a puppy's scream. She knew then it was Wacky. She said it might be so hard for him to survive because of our neighbor's brutality. I told her she should confront our neighbor. But she wouldn't. I was itching to go home. When I got home, I immediately went to my neighbor's house, just fronting ours. I knocked and asked who was responsible for battering the dog. The culprit (until now, i look at him as the criminal) immediately admitted he was the one responsible and he was very arrogant. He was telling me the dog keeps pissing him off. I told him it's not enough reason for him to be cruel to animals. What if I do the same thing to his chickens??? Mind you, his chickens were roaming around the subdivision. i realized there was no use talking to him because he was irrational.
Though our puppy is just an AsKal,we treat him like a member of our family. I thought Wacky wouldn't survive. I kept whispering to his ears, "Wacky, be strong, you can do it!" Well, i guess he heard me coz just a day after he was battered, he can slowly walk and eats well again.

I strongly believe that animals too have their own rights. Let us all be kind to them.

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