Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Second Life

It has been almost thirteen (13) years since I survived from a near-death experience. It was in November 19, 1995, a Sunday, when our family decided to go to an outing at a resort with some co-church members. I was still a graduating student in high school back then.

Many INC families were there at the outing. It was my first time to have set foot in that resort. There was a huge swimming pool with a big, round hole which is 7-feet. I barely reached 5’0 feet and I do not know how to swim. I was "walking" in the children’s pool when suddenly, my feet couldn’t reach the floor. I was struggling and gasping for air. Nobody saw me. I then came to realize that it would be my last. I have a taste of too much fresh water. While I was slowly going down, I asked God for forgiveness coz I already accepted, I wouldn’t survive.

I had my consciousness back while doctors and nurses were still trying to revive me. There was oxygen attached to my nose and I was throwing up all food intake I had for that day and I can see blood, too. I was confined in Intensive Care Unit for 3 days and I can see my father always trying to look at my toes and my nails for a change of color. All he could see was violet. Then they related to me how they were able to rescue me.

My youngest brother saw me at the pool floor, unconscious. He recognized the clothes I wore and so he shouted at my father: “Pang, si Ate!” My father then came to look for me and they were pointing at the floor of the pool. He swam towards me then applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Someone took my pulse and said they need to bring me immediately to the nearest hospital.

It was a real miracle for me to be able to survive. I haven’t imagined I will be able to graduate that school year. I was thinking the worst. But then, after I gained consciousness in the hospital’s ER, I knew I would live for another day. God gave me this one rare chance of having to accomplish what I haven’t done before that near-death experience.

Now, I do not want to fail HIM. I wanted to live up to all His expectations and all I would like to do is glorify His name and bring honour before Him. I know it isn’t enough to repay His infinite goodness but at least, I have served my purpose. My second life.

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