Monday, January 14, 2008

Filipino Blog of the Week Nominee: Deserving or Not?

I have been blogging a number of times for the blessings I have been receiving from the Almighty Father. Too much of it were pouring on me since the year started. I keep recounting them but I fail everytime. Absolutely, God's blessings are countless!
Upon arriving home today from buying some stuffs at the mall, my very good friend Twerlyn sent me SMS informing me that I am nominated for the FILIPINO BLOG OF THE WEEK (Week 91) featured at The Composed Gentleman's site. I am not convinced just like the way I reacted yesterday when Google awarded me a PR3. I have no knowledge that such a poll exists before. I doubted it's credibility. I even asked Jessie through SMS if ever he knew of it but he told me he never heard of such. Out of curiosity, I clicked the link and Lerma was right. I am indeed nominated for that particular award and there are ten of us!
Being a neophyte blogger, the nomination was rather unexpected; I didn't asked for it. Lord knows how I was always groping my way up here from the very beginning. Good thing some blogger friends were around to guide me and were real patient with me. Slowly, I am learning my way through here.
My ultimate goal in keeping this blog is to express myself freely without being judged aside from being able to venture into some money-making opportunities. I am somewhat hoping as well that a few people could learn from the posts I share just the same way that I am learning from many bloggers that I come into contact with everyday. Win or lose, no one could ever stop me from reaching my ultimate goal. No nomination or any kind of award can motivate me more than the PASSION that I already possess. For me, it's all that really matters- doing what you love best!
I sure know that there are many other blogs that is more worthy of the same nomination. I don't consider mine good enough. Nevertheless, a blessing is a blessing. So if you think this page truly deserves that recognition, you can cast your vote HERE.
P.S. I am waiting on Jessie to post something out of this ;-)

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