Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blogging Not Bragging

I am here to satisfy one of my passions- writing. Even if I am not holding a pen, or infront of a PC, many words and sentences are working up in my head, haha! Believe me or not, no one can ever stop me from writing.
Well, reading came first as one of my passions. When I was in grade school, I love to read books. Just any book as long as I could read them. The ones I could usually find are Teacher’s Journal with stories written in English and school books from our neighbor who is years ahead of me. When I was in high school, my father is always angry with me coz I am always in my room reading books of Danielle Steele, Barbara Cartland and my all-time favorite author, Sydney Sheldon. He gets angry coz I read even when the light is dim.
It is true that in life, the lesson comes first before the test. I am in a way suffering now coz I have some eye problems. I am myopic. I can not clearly see and appreciate things that are far from me. I need to wear glasses or contact lenses just to make things easier for me. But since I find glasses disturbing coz very heavy (8.50), I am into contact lenses for 10 years now. If only I am rich! I want to have my eyes lasered, hehe, in my dreams ;-)
Well, I haven’t been into reading for a couple of years now. And so writing came to be one of my passions. Well, I do need to write coz in my previous job, this is what I used to do and I made sure I did it best.
When I registered for blogspot, I got ecstatic. I will get to publish my own write ups and I will have my own readers as well (as if naman meron, haha!). Aside from writing, I enjoyed peeking and reading on peoples’ blogs, too. I admire these people for sharing their lives in the world wide web. I am in a way learning a lot from them, too. I hope people who can get to visit here can learn something, too.

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