Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting Bored and Lonely

I get lonely at times especially when I get home and nobody's around, just me and the dogs. And I get more lonely coz no reason to be online, my Prince is at work and no one to keep me busy. Good thing his phone's roaming is activated. And when my Prince know that I get a little bored and lonely, I know he gets a little worried. My phone would immediately ring and he would try to cheer me up by saying I need to be a strong girl coz it won't be long. I need to stretch out my patience more coz we will be together very, very soon and it will be for keeps- - no one would ever keep us apart from each other. I always hang on to our promises and his words always keep me strong each time. He always put a smile on my face and I find him really funny! He is my inspiration and he gives me strength everytime I feel weak. He always encourages me to be strong and that I should savor the moment with people around me here in the Philippines coz I will be away from them soon. Yes, we have our plans and I know God won't let us fail! As what my Prince and my Sayang would tell me, "God never forsakes His faithful children".

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